Optimum performance for water pumping
Providing access to clean water using our diverse line of water pumps
The ultimate brand choice for your water pump

The ultimate brand choice for your water pump

Wasserpump provides shallow well, semi jet, jet, submersible deep well, booster, and submersible pumps for household and industrial use. Our pumps feature electro painting, thermal protector, low voltage, long-lasting pressure tank, and made of high quality component that enables 24 hours use in full load. 

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Why Wasserpump?

Thoughtfully designed and built to function optimally even in low voltage conditions with added ability to operate 24 hours non-stop while in full load.

Best Quality
SNI Certification
Best Quality
Copper Wire
Best Quality
Thermal Protector
Best Quality
3-Years Motor Warranty
Best Quality
IPX4 Certification
Best Quality
ISO Certification

Our Products


Shallow Well Pump perfect for your household needs, with powerful suction and electricpainting layer on the body


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Shallow Well Pump equipped with pressure switch for your household needs


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Booster pump for your house. Equipped with a cover for safe placement outdoors


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Energy Saving Booster pump with softened sound/silence for single output


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Energy saving submersible pump with high pressure level (clean water only)


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Deep well pump with powerful suction and output


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Multistage Booster Pump with softer noise and powerful pressure


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Energy saving Deep well Submersible pump with high pressure force. Equipped with label and control box


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Trusted by many Clients across Indonesia

Wasserpump has been chosen by reputable contractors and developers to contribute to their landmark commercial and residential projects as well as in many Indonesian households. 

Our Network

We are committed to excellent customer service and strong logistic management operations with our branch offices, warehouses, and service centers located throughout Indonesia. 

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Managed by PT Aditya Sarana Graha

Founded in 24 December 1983, Aditya Sarana Graha (ASG) is a recognized business for manufacture, imports, distribution, and logistics in building materials and home appliances.

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